Wine Wednesday

Any Red, White or Rose Wine £6.95

Any 3 pizza for £25

Any 3 pizza for £25

Thigh & Salad Combo

Buy 3 jumbo thighs plus any salad for £10

Pizza & Ice Cream

Buy any 2 pizzas plus a tub of Ben & Jerrys ice cream for £20

Pizza & Cookies

Buy any 2 pizzas plus 3 cookies for £18

Starter & Nibbles

Houmous & Dough Dippers

Stone baked pizza dough slices , with tasty houmous dip

Guacamole & Dough Dippers

Stone baked pizza dough slices , with tasty guacamole dip

Garlic Bread

Stone baked pizza dough , loaded with garlic butter

Garlic Bread & Tomato Sauce

Stone baked pizza dough , loaded with garlic butter & house tomato sauce

Garlic Bread & Mozzarella

Stone baked pizza dough , loaded with garlic butter & mozzarella cheese

Garlic Bread, Mozzarella,Tom Sauce

Stone baked pizza dough , loaded with garlic butter & mozzarella cheese & house tomato sauce

Jumbo Thighs - Free Range

House Classic Thighs

Our famous house marinade packed with flavour and a hit of paprika - Oven Roasted , Boneless & Skinless

Honey BBQ Thighs

Our Sweet & Smokey BBQ marinade , hints of honey , herbs with a warming kick of spice - Oven Roasted , Boneless & Skinless

Tandoori THIGHS

Our secret blend of aromatic spices with a warming tandoori heat - Oven Roasted , Boneless & Skinless

Buffalo Thighs

Go W&S Buffalo, if you like it hot, hot, hot - Oven Roasted , Boneless & Skinless


Corn On The Cob

2 x Mini Corn On The Cobs with 3 butter choices . Click customize to choose your flavour.

Potato Wedges

Lightly Seasoned Potato Wedges

Sweet & Tangy Citrus Slaw

Shredded red cabbage , shredded carrots , chopped flat parsley , citrus and oil , with a slight chilli kick

Side Salads

Rocket & Parmesan

Rocket leaf and parmesan shavings , dressed with balsamic vinegar


Baby gem leaf , crispy bacon , croutons & our house caesar dressing

Super Food

Quinoa , beetroot , feta , spinach , peppadew peppers , baby tomato , house dressing

12" Stonebaked Pizza

Margherita Classic

House tomato sauce , mozzarella , fresh basil

Margherita Supreme

House tomato sauce , Fior De Latte mozzarella , peppadew peppers , sun blush tomato , fresh basil

Margherita House

House tomato sauce , mozzarella , free range house chicken, fresh basil


House tomato sauce , mozzarella , pepperoni sausage


House tomato sauce , mozzarella , anchoives , capers , black olives , oregano

Quattro Formaggio

House tomato sauce , mozzarella , parmesan , gorgonzola , goats cheese

Perfecto Vegi

House tomato sauce , mozzarella , roasted red pepper , caramelise red onion , pesto , goats cheese

Quattro Stagioni

House tomato sauce , mozzarella , prosciutto cotto (ham) , sliced mushroom , black olives , artichokes

La Cotto

House tomato sauce , mozzarella , procciutto cotto (ham) , sliced mushrooms , truffle oil

Vegan Garden

House tomato sauce , vegan cheese , artichokes , red onions , sliced mushrooms , black olives

Meat Amante

House tomato sauce , mozzarella , chorizo sausage , spicy beef , procciutto cotto (ham)


House tomato sauce , mozzarella , nduja sausage , pepperoni sausage , red onion , red jalapeno chillies

House Classic PIZZA

House tomato sauce , mozzarella , free range house chicken , goats cheese , caramelise red onion

Tandoori PIZZA

House tomato sauce , mozzarella , free range tandoori chicken , red onions , roasted red peppers , green jalapeno chillies

Buffalo PIZZA

House tomato sauce , mozzarella , peppadew peppers , nduja sausage , free range buffallo chicken , red jalapeno chillies

Chicken & Salad Meal Box

Chicken and Salad Box

Baby Gem leaf , shredded red cabbage , shredded carrots , flat parsley, baby tomato, house dressing, topped with your flavour choice of Free Range sliced chicken thighs. Click customize to choose from our in-house flavours

Crust Dipper Pots

FRANK'S® RedHot® dip

Garlic & Herb dip

Honey BBQ dip


Chocolate Chip Cookies

3 large chewy warm & gooey cookies , loaded with chocolate chips

White Chocolate Chip Cookies

3 large chewy warm & gooey cookies , loaded with white chocolate chips

Baked Double Chocolate Muffin

Warm double chocolate muffin , loaded with chocolate chips

Ben & Jerry's Classic Cookie Dough

Vanilla ice cream with chunks of chocolate chip cookie dough 500ml

Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie

Chocolate ice cream with chocolate brownie pieces 500ml

Ben & Jerry's Phish Food

Chocolate ice cream with marshmallow , caramel & chocolatey shaped fish 500ml

Haagen - Dazs Strawberry Cheesecake

Cheesecake ice cream meets crunchy biscuit pieces and saucy strawberry swirls in a taste overload 460ml

Soft Drinks

S.Pellegrino - Sparkling Water


Coca Cola - Classic


Coca Cola - Diet


Sanpellegrino - Blood Orange


Sanpellegrino - Lemon



Peroni Lager

330ml 5.1%

Cider - Kopparberg Premium with Mixed Fruit

330ml 4%

BrewDog Punk IPA

330ml 5.6%


Red - Campo Flores , Organic , Spain 2017

An intense succulent, juicy red wine which is luscious and rugged. Supple ripe strawberry and blackcurrant fruit provides the character, and a warming spicy finish gives personality to this delicious honest red 13%

Red - Rioja DeAlto , DOC , Spain 2017

With hints of spice and red fruits on the nose, de Alto is beautifully balanced and offers layers of red berry fruits on the palate, laced with vanilla and hints of mocha and liquorice.13.5%

White - Campo Flores , Organic , Spain 2017

A bright straw yellow wine. Vibrant fresh but intense pear, peach flavours with citrus fruit and a hint of grapefruit. Quite floral and aromatic.12.5%

White - Picpoul de Pinet , France 2017

Pale yellow with green hues, this lovely and fresh Picpoul has plentiful aromas of grapefruit and citrus fruit as well as bracing citrus and stone fruit flavours.12.5%

Rose - Pinot Grigio , Romania 2017

A pale pink colour. Dry, fruity in the mouth with crisp acidity. Light bodied and with a caramel and slightly peppery finish 11.5%

Prosecco Spumante - DOC , Veneto Italy

Crisp, deliciously frothy and filled with ripe apple and citrus fruit character, this is the model of a perfect Prosecco. 11%
- Vegetarian
- Spicy half chilly
- Spicy full chilly
- Vegan